Aldam StreetArt

Exploring the Art World with a Passionate Artist


Aldam, since 1985, experiments his artistic talent since elementary school, drawing adventures of imaginary characters on his math notebooks.

While still a teenager, inspired by hip hop culture, he founded a crew, consolidating his desire to dedicate himself to an artistic-musical path: armed with spray cans and microphone, words and paintings, he converts feelings such as anger, frustration and sadness into creative artwork.

The techniques of writing, graffiti and the actions of “tagging”, lived between clandestinity and adrenaline, become the expressive means through which to give voice to his creative instinct.'s what I do

Night raids, speed of execution, perfection of the gesture, are the mix from which springs the language and the recognizable style of Aldam: bright colors, strong strokes and abstract elements.